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We focus on nurturing and preserving the natural curiosity of each student, developing respect for themselves, for others and for our world. We created a welcoming environment with study rooms, a reading corner, a free area on the floor for games and a gourmet area, all designed for the students to feel comfortable to explore his or her surroundings. 




LET IT GROW founder

My name is Ana Lucia Arruda, I am an educator and worked as a teacher for 10 years in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2000 I moved to the United States where I did a specialization at Montessori Institute of Advanced Studies - www.montessori-training.com, and worked in California for 5 years in a school with this approach, which seeks the full development of the human being, Santa Cruz Montessori School - www.scms.org


After returning to Brazil I gathered both of those professional experiences and created LET IT GROW, a Learning Center which has a transdisciplinary staff, aiming not only to help the student, but also to promote their full development. 


The program provides a socio-cultural learning environment with highly trained teachers and proper sequential curriculum for the development of all aspects (cognitive, emotional, physical, social) of each age group.  








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